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Bicycle trails in the Kras Park
Posted  Thursday, 17-May-2012
Extensive network of bicycle trails totaling a good 360 kilometers has been created. By combining trails, we can make trips of various lengths and degrees of difficulty, from short family trips to strenuous mountain bike trips.
Tradition of osmice
Posted  Wednesday, 09-May-2012
In the Karst region, the two-hundred-year-old tradition of osmice (‘eights’) is alive and kicking today like never before. The permission for wine-growing farmers to have eight days in the year when they can sell their surplus wine, home-made cured pršut ham and other dried meats without paying tax, is the guarantee of a sociable event full of fun. Enjoy riding and visit osmica with us. Watch video !
Mountain biking and cycling from the city
Posted  Wednesday, 10-August-2011
Krim (1107 m) , by Locals nicknamed as "The Southern Guard of Ljubljana Marshes' Offers One of the Most Beautiful Views and Slovenia. Due Tues ITS position, it is an Important spot for Mountain Bikers. 15 min. from center of Ljubljana is perfect for mountain biking and cycling from the city. Watch video...
Mountain biking under Košuta ridge
Posted  Monday, 01-August-2011
The picturesque mountains under Košuta are great for mountain biking with trails for everyone. The Košuta ridge is at a height of about 1500m. Over the Šija alp, Pungrat alp, where in the summer time we can enjoy yoghurt and other interesting tasty milk products as well as hard-boiled buckwheat mush called “žganci”, then continue above the Tegoška planina alp to the Dolga njiva alp. Watch video
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